On this website you will find a few different things. First, just below is a link to my blog. This blog is in its infancy but I look forward to watching it grow up and evolve. I hope you will enjoy how it changes as well.


If you are interested in the types of tea that I carry just click on the 'Products' heading. It will take you where you want to be. The 'Calendar' heading will take you to the...Calendar! ;-) I update it regularly so all of you know where to find me.


And finally, the 'Get to know your tea' heading will help you out with some, what I hope to be interesting and beneficial, tea facts and tidbits.


Please enjoy this website as it grows up and if while you are wandering around here, you happen to come across an error, or heaven forbid bad information, email me and I will address as quickly as I can.

Brie's Blog

This blog will follow my journey to becoming, I hope, a successsful business woman. I have a journal that I write in each morning and evening highlighting those items that I hope to accomplish and those I actually do.  Follow me on my journey and hopefully you will enjoy yourselves.






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